Posted: ડિસેમ્બર 6, 2010 in Short Stories

It was Friday, 16th December, the environment was very pleasant. I was sitting in my room and cold breeze was coming from the balcony door and the window. My phone rang and I thought who might have called now!! I picked up the call and started running towards the balcony of my 5th floor flat and saw down. Two boys were standing face to face against each other. One was wearing blue denim jeans and white t-shirt with a brown shirt over it. Other was wearing black leather jacket with aviator look goggles on it. Suddenly the 1st boy pushed with a force and the other boy and he fell down on the ground. The environment started changing, instead of breeze the wind started blowing heavily. The environment was all different, the boy stood up from the ground, he looked very angry and all his face become red with anger and rage. He attacked the other boy and they started hitting each other harder and harder.

I was stunned by looking at it. I ran inside the flat, opened the main door and started going down via stairs.

They both fell down on the earth and trying to hit each other hard, they were rolling on the ground trying to stab each other’s neck. I reached on the fourth floor. I was trying to run as fast as possible.

The boy with the leather jacket kicked other boy and both were departed. Third floor.

They both stood up and ran against each other as fast as possible with a force to hit hardest. Second floor!!

The boy in blue jeans holds other boy’s neck with one hand and left hand with other. The other boy was trying to take hand of that boy from his neck with his right hand but he has held it very tight. He was getting dragged towards the wall. I reached just on First floor yet one more to go!!

There was a sharp nail on the wall towards which they were getting dragged. Wind was blowing very heavily and there was dirt everywhere in the air. They both were very close to the wall and the nail. Finally I reached the ground floor and ran out of the building. I reached out of the main gate but till then all over. The director shouted cut and the scene was complete. Both the boys were sitting on the chair and make up man was removing their makeup. It was pack up for the day. I was very angry why didn’t my friend inform me about the shooting early. I missed the whole scene.


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